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Spares, Consumables & Repairs

Something run out, broken, lost or not working?
No problem!

D&Wp are happy to replace or repair every item of your D&Wp Product, there is no reason why your D&Wp resource cannot last a life time of heavy usage. Simply contact us, tell us your requirements and we will arrange either a repair or replacement. If your product is still under warranty this service free of charge.  If your product is outside of its warranty a small charge will be made.

stating your requirement, name, telephone number and postal address, or you may call us on +44 (0)1206 391800

The most requested service replacements
are listed below:

Replacement Crystal
Case Plus Contents


Replacement Empty
Crystal Case
  Replacement Trays
£32.95 + Carriage & VAT   £15.00 + Carriage & VAT   £41.00 + Carriage & VAT

Outer Flight Case
Replacement Lens Cleaning Ki t
Replacement Hazard Tape
Replacement Flight Case   Replacement Cleaning Kit   Replacement Hazard Tape
 £195.00 + Carriage & VAT   £9.00 + Carriage & VAT   £9.00 + Carriage & VAT

To order service replacements please visit our online shop