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D&Wp Alcohol Box - QR Code Instructions

What is a QR Code

Short for Quick Response Code. The QR Code is much the same as a bar code but can contain more detailed information. It is a matrix of black and white squares which can be read by a smart phone or hand scanner.

How Do I Set Up My Smart Phone?

The process of setting up your smart phone is similar whether it is an iPhone or and Android phone.

1. You will need to install an 'App.' Go to the 'App. Store' for iPhone or to the 'Play Store' for Android and search "QR Scanner" There are many to choose from, most are free of charge. Install this app. to your smart phone.

How do I scan the QR Code?

1. Open your scanner app. on your smart phone.

2. Point your smart phone's camera at the QR Code, Hold the camera quite close enough to fill the indicated scan area. Press Scan.

3. On most phones this will automatically open the QR Code Content on your smart phone.

4. In some cases your smart phone may automatically download the content of the QR Code to your download folder. In this case open your download folder and select the downloaded file which will be in .pdf format.

5. Once you have the information from the code open on your smart phone, you can view it in the normal way, share it to other phones or devices, transfer it to a computer, even print it out to a black and white, or colour, printer.

QR Code

A typical QR Code, this one accesses the home page of this website. Give it a try with your smart phone now.

It You Are a Customer Having Difficulty

If you are a customer have difficulty getting the file via the scanning of a QR Code, you can also access the contents via the customer download section of our website.

1. Go to (this site) select the 'Support' Button on the top horizontal strip menu.

2. Then go to the bottom of the 'Support' page and select:
"If you are a registered customer click here"